Portfolio > Edna Manley College Rex Nettleford Arts Conference, Kingston, Jamaica October, 2011

EMC Ceramics: Jamaica
EMC Ceramics: Jamaica
mixed media installation
dimensions variable

October 7, Friday...First meeting with Peta-Gaye Bellas, Kerrolyn Douglas and Amoy Durrant to discuss ideas for a collaborative site specific installation in the ceramics studio. Homework: to bring in 3 sketches using the elements found in the studio ie. clay, plastic bags, pieces of lumber

October 8, Saturday...After reviewing sketches, Peta-Gaye and Kerrolyn worked on a sketch combining all of the elements. The larger elements ie. tables, pottery wheels, stools were moved in the ceramics studio to "open" the space. Kerrolyn Douglas, Peta-Gaye Bellas and Amoy Durrant (from L to R) began to work on their individual elements, clay "waterfall", clay bed, plastic funnel form, respectively.