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Inner Landscape
Inner Landscape
mixed media on canvas
14' w x 22' h

This image is inspired by the Neijing Tu, an 1888 engraving in Beijing's White Cloud Temple. This diagram was inspired by 10th century anatomical diagrams describing the inner channels of chi or energy in the human body. It was believed that one could achieve immortality through meditation. Inner Landscape was exhibited in "A Woman's Work" in Avisca Fine Art in Marietta, GA in March, 2010. Max Eternity wrote in the blackartproject.blogspot.com, "the attentiveness to the detail in each of the pieces--the stillness and the silence...she has an interest in architecture, anthropology and archaeology...she constructs 'historical' micro-sites, literally weaving and building her paintings as discovered artifacts, grounding each into a place of permanence. The work is here and now but it also informs of some mysterious past. So evident is this in her diptych entitled 'Inner landscape'...what a beautiful contemplation."