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Feed My Soul

Feed only my stomach and I am hungry
Feed my spirit and I am full
Feed my soul and I am full

I need to see the stars at night
I need to see the full moon's light
I need the fragrance of flowers sweet
I need fresh green grass under my feet
I need the hot summer and the longer days
I need the blue calm ocean water to gaze
I need life's serendipities
I need to satiate my curiosities
I need stories and books and words
I need questions with answers yet to be heard
I need colors to challenge my eyes
I need magenta as a delightful surprise
I need music to challenge my ears
I need jazz and joyful cheers
I need textures to challenge my fingers
I need velvets and silks upon which to linger
I need scents to challenge my nose
I need the honeysuckle, the gardenia and the rose
I need art to challenge my mind and soul
I need it always to make me whole
I need to fly above the clouds
I need to walk among the crowds
I need to explore to wander to walk
I need to meet to greet to talk
I need to journey to distant shores
I need to understand other cultural mores
I need dear family and dear friends
I need their love that never ends
I need to travel and to roam
I need to know that I will always return home

Feed my spirit and I am full
Feed my soul and I am full

Feed My Soul