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144 Lives
144 Lives
wood, nails thread, acrylic
24"w x 81"h x 7"d

"Life and death are one thread...the same line viewed from different sides." Lao Tzu

I have studied and follow astrology and believe in its accuracy since 1970.

The nails represent the 12 signs of Western astrology and the 12 animal signs of Chinese astrology, equaling 144 combinations.

The shiny new nails represent life and the rusted nails represent death. The red thread is the connection of 144 lives.

The base is a part of a found tree trunk painted black and gold. I juxtapose 2 forms of the same material in this piece.

144 Lives is part of a series created during a residency in Guangzhou, China during September to November, 2018.

Photo Credit: Sean Hu