Videos & Photographs by Chen Jia Yi
Chen Jia Yi is a videographer and photographer who collaborated with me on this project, Life & Death. After persistent telephone calls, Chen was able to contact my cousin Chiang Fook Kin and his family in Xinhui, Guangdong. I met Fook Kin, his wife, Yan Lan and their daughters, Ying and Jun on October 2 in Guangzhou. On October 13, Saturday, Chen drove me to Xinhui City to meet Fook Kin and family who took us to Xinhui Village to meet my half uncle, Chiang Dok Sum. Uncle Dok showed me the old family home and where my paternal grandparents are buried. It was an emotional and poignant day.

According to Mr. Yeung, the Feng Shui master, November 11, Sunday was an auspicious day to inter Fay's ashes in the family cemetery. Our father, Bay Doc Chiang, passed on November 11, 1974, 44 years earlier. Chen documented the ceremony in video and photographs. Fay and I always spoke about returning to the family village. I was thankful and grateful that I was able to do that for Fay. May she rest in peace.
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