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Life & Death (poster)
Life & Death (poster)

This poster was for a solo exhibition of the work completed during the Lido Art Residency in Guangzhou, China from September to November, 2018. The work was inspired by a quote by Lao Tzu, a Chinese philosopher, who said, "Life and death are one thread...the same line viewed from different sides".

This series helped me to process the illness and death of my older sister in the year 2017. This exhibition was in her honor and memory.

"Life & Death" is a mixed media exhibition organized by New York artist Jean Chiang (Jiang Huijuan) at the Guangzhou LIDO 433 Art Center. As the person in charge of LIDO's current project, I have accompanied Ms. Jiang...back to her hometown, Jiangmen Xinhui twice, once to find relatives and once for a funeral ceremony. The series expresses the thinking and feelings of life, death, home and love and it reveals the gentle self of an artist who has experienced life". Chen Jiayi, November, 2018