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63/2020 A Year to Remember
63/2020 A Year to Remember
mixed media on paper
8"w 10"h

2020 has been a memorable year to say the least. I had taken a gamble to delay my thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm repair surgery because I had been informed that the diameter of the aneurysm had increased and was in danger of rupturing. A normal aorta is 2cm in diameter and the CAT scan indicated a 6.3cm diameter in October, 2019.

After a series of complications due to severe reactions to medications and delays, I asked my surgeon, Dr. Gabriele Di Luozzo, if I could wait until after the holidays and the Chinese New Year in late January, 2020. I had consulted astrology and numerology friends and decided that February 5, 2020, Wednesday would be an auspicious day. This was a major gamble in faith and hope. I received the medical records from the surgery on June 11, 2020 and read that the aneurysm had increased to 7cm on February 5, the day of the surgery. Life is full of risks.